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Your main photo can only be an image of you. We recommend your main profile photo is a head shot, and contains a clear close-up of your face as the primary subject of the image.


Public Photos on Gaydar are approved at our discretion, and they have to honour the guidelines by our partners Apple and Google Play. If they don't we will risk our apps getting pulled.

This is not about censorship and you are free to upload any images of yourself that articulate your personality and interests, however certain types of images will not be visible in the profile grid or as a public image. You will however be able to exchange them with others by attaching them to your messages.

The following type of photos will not be visible as a public image and can only be shared as a private image:

    • Any images containing nudity such as, exposed or partly exposed genitals or buttocks.
    • Any images of a person visibly aroused.
    • Headless shots of a person wearing underwear.
    • Images of a person headless as well as with head, torso or full view, naked, in underwear only, partially clothed or fully clothed, showing bare skin below the waistline (hipbone area) and or visible pubic hair.
    • Bum close ups. All images zoomed in on the bum area, whether naked, in underwear, swimwear, fully or partially clothed
    • Crotch shots. All close ups of a crotch area naked, in underwear, partially or fully clothed.
    • Photos showing outline of genitals through clothing, or with see-through/wet fabric below the waist.
    • Photos that show suggestive or overly sexual poses, suggestive nudity (obscured genitals), suggest a sexual act and or fetish.
    • Photos that contain sex props or toys.
    • Photos of fisting
    • Photos of watersports as well as any photos of urine or a person urinating.
    • Photos including people that are not the profile owner.
    • Blank photos of colours, textures, extreme close ups or unidentifiable objects.
    • Photos without and not of a person, for example of: an object, text only, a landscape, animals/pets, food, an interior, without you in it.


    • Photos of faeces, and or blood.
    • Photos of extreme body modification.
    • Photos of pegging, needles, clamps – attached items likely to cause lasting damage and bodily harm.
    • Photos of internal / extreme close-ups, including speculums.
    • Photos of Saline infusion.
    • Photos of asphyxiation, strangulation, stomping.
    • Photos of BDSM pain play that show raised welts, blood and bruising.
    • Photos of bondage with no apparent means of withdrawing consent.
    • Photos of realistic portrayals of rape.
    • Photos of any obscene gestures and/or lewd behavior.
    • Photos containing child pornography or anything which might ‘encourage’ incest or sex with children under the age of eighteen.
    • Photos of one or more persons involved in a sex act with an animal.
    • Photos promoting unsafe sex.
    • Copyrighted photos, or photos of copyrighted artwork, cartoons or illustrations.
    • Photos of celebrities and politicians (compromising as well non-compromising images).
    • Photos of anyone under 18 years of age (also in the background).
    • Photos displaying violent acts to a member himself (self mutilation), someone else, or animals.
    • Photos of illegal drug use and paraphernalia.
    • Photos of firearms or weapons.
    • Photos used to advertise services, goods, websites, or events.
    • Photos of political or religious cartoons.
    • Photos deemed to be overtly suggestive, racist, bigoted, or that might offend our community.

Thousands of photos are uploaded to Gaydar every day. Every single image will be reviewed, approved and classified by our image moderation team, within a few hours in the order in which they are received. Our moderators are only human and  occasionally make a mistake. If you see any photos on Gaydar that have been wrongly rated, or should not have been approved then please report them to us. Thanks in advance for helping us. We really appreciate your help!

We reserve the right to remove or crop any photo we perceive to be outside of the following guidelines, at our discretion.

Please note, any violation of our photo guidelines could result in the suspension of your account or a permanent ban from Gaydar.



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