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Did you know on Gaydar that profiles with headshots as the main photo get the most views?

Research shows that profiles with clear headshots get the most attention. That's why we recommend to our members that their Main Photo is a headshot (face/shoulders/torso). Don't be afraid to make your face the star of the show. After all, it's what we all see and talk to!

Profiles without a main profile picture may not be seen on the main search grids.


Users can post pictures of an adult nature on the public gallery but these pictures will be moderated as “adult” and can only be seen when a VIP user requests access. By default, all users will see these pictures as a blurred image. Adult pictures may take longer to appear on your main profile. These pictures will include:

  • Pictures of your private parts
  • Erections
  • Bums
  • Pubic hair
  • Pictures of your manhood obscured 

The following pictures would also be classified as adult: 

  • Photos of frontal, back or side nudity.
  • Photos of sexual acts, either real or illustrated.
  • Photos of masturbation
  • Photos that show semen (or any fluid made to look like semen or ejaculation) on anything in photo.
  • Photos of enemas.
  • Photos of bondage and restraint.

 It is assumed that a user has given permission for anyone to view any picture they have uploaded to the public gallery. 

The pictures can also be sent as message attachments from your Private Gallery.


Pictures which are not of yourself will be classified as private and can be sent in private messages. These include:

  • Photos without and not of a person, for example: an object, text only, a landscape, animals/pets, food, an interior, without you in it.
  • Photos showing bare skin below the waistline (hip bone area) or above the upper thighs.
  • Photos showing underwear can be visible. Swimwear must follow the bare skin rule above.
  • Photos showing pants and shorts unbuttoned and pulled or hanging down.
  • Photos showing hands and or fingers down pants or pulling underwear outward.
  • Photos containing nudity (particularly the genitals) covered up by a towel, hat or other means.
  • Photos of a person grabbing/holding or touching genitals or genital area.
  • Photos of visible pubic hair.
  • Photos with sheer, or otherwise see-through or wet material below the waist.
  • Photos showing outline of genitals through clothing.
  • Photos of clothed crotch or bum area only.
  • Photos that are deemed sexually explicit or overly suggestive.
  • Photos that show suggestive or overly sexual poses.
  • Photos altered to hide sexual acts including a black box or blurred filters to hide sexual images such as touching of genitals by hand.
  • Photos that contain sex props and toys such as dildos, butt plugs and urethral sounds, including the use of fruits/vegetables.
  • Photos of an adult wearing nappies.
  • Photos of one or more persons sniffing socks or shoes/licking shoes or boots/sucking toes or licking feet, and or close-ups of bare


Now as you'd expect, we're very open minded here at Gaydar. But we do have limits. And so we must tell you what photos are NOT ALLOWED on our products

  • Photos of fisting or insertion of large objects likely to cause injury.
  • Photos of faeces, and or blood.
  • Photos of water sports as well as any photos of urine or a person urinating.
  • Photos of extreme body modification.
  • Photos of pegging, needles, clamps – attached items likely to cause lasting damage and bodily harm.
  • Photos of internal / extreme close-ups, including specu
  • Photos of Saline infusion.
  • Photos of asphyxiation, strangulation, stomping.
  • Photos of BDSM pain play that show raised welts, blood and bruising.
  • Photos of bondage with no apparent means of withdrawing consent.
  • Photos of realistic portrayals of rape.
  • Photos of any obscene gestures and/or lewd behaviour.
  • Photos containing child pornography or anything which might ‘encourage’ incest or sex with children under the age of eighteen.
  • Photos of one or more persons involved in a sex act with an animal.
  • Photos promoting unsafe sex.
  • Copyrighted photos, or photos of copyrighted artwork, cartoons or illustrations.
  • Photos of any non-Gaydar users, including celebrities and politicians (compromising as well non-compromising photos).
  • Blank photos of colours, textures, extreme close ups or unidentifiable objects.
  • Photos of anyone under 18 years of age (also in the background).
  • Photos displaying violent acts to a member himself (self-mutilation), someone else, or animals.
  • Photos of illegal drug use and paraphernalia.
  • Photos of firearms or weapons.
  • Photos used to advertise services, goods, websites, or events.
  • Photos of political or religious cartoons.
  • Photos deemed to be overtly suggestive, racist, bigoted, or that might offend our community.



Thousands of photos are uploaded to Gaydar every day. Every single photo will be reviewed, approved and classified by our moderation team, within a few hours, in the order in which they are received. Our moderators are only human and occasionally make a mistake. If you see any photos on Gaydar that have been wrongly rated or should not have been approved then please report them to us through the Report Profile function. Thanks in advance for helping us. We really appreciate it!

We reserve the right to remove or crop any photo we perceive to be outside of the following guidelines, at our discretion.

Please note: Any violation of our photo guidelines could result in the suspension of your account or a permanent ban from Gaydar.

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