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What is Gaydar's stance on Sexual Racism?
Posted by on 17 September 2013 04:30 PM
Around the world gay men suffer from daily prejudice and we'd like to ensure Gaydar remains a safe and welcoming environment. By emphasising that you are not into guys of a certain race, body type, or certain type of behaviour this may come across as negative, prejudiced and could be seen as Sexual Racism

We at Gaydar think focussing on what you are looking for, will mean guys who fit the bill get in touch with you more often.
We understand that you may have no intention of upsetting others, but we know from more than 18 years of bringing guys together, comments like this do upset others so we'd like you to reconsider how you phrase what you're looking for.
These are some examples:
Rather than say: "Not into hairy guys" try "Smooth guys are hot" or "I prefer smooth guys"
Rather than say: "No white guys, sorry!" try "Love meeting Black guys"
Rather than say: "No fats, fems or GAMS" how about "Looking for slim, fit, masculine guys – especially Caucasian, Latino and Black guys are HOT!"
Rather than say: "Not interested in pensioners" (remember you'll be one one day), try - "Interested in meeting other guys around my own age"
By rephrasing your text you are helping us support the Stop Sexual Racism campaign.

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