Posted by Andre - Gaydar on 19 May 2017 09:23 PM


We’re aware that some users are experiencing significant slowness issues with Safari on any Apple device.
For now, we still recommend Chrome for the best experience while we work on fixing the Safari issues.
f you don't have Chrome installed already you can download it here:

Additionally, chat and messaging may not work when using the browser in Private or Incognito mode, so we recommend using the browser in normal mode.


As a workaround for those who miss having a separate Chat pop-out page, we suggest having two windows or two tabs open.
One with Chat and a separate one for browsing the site or sending private messages.

One tab to browse the grid

One tab for sending private messages

One tab for the Gaydar chat rooms

Remember that you can be in several chat rooms at any one time and if you leave the page, you are not leaving the chat rooms.

Please also note
, there is an X button in the right corner of a profile when you are viewing it. Use this to return to the Grid or Chat pages,

as the back button of your browser will just take you to another page.


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